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Seamless Transactions, Unrivaled Security

As a neutral trusted third party we hold the funds for any transaction in secured deposit until the trade transaction has been executed, secured, and verified. The specific verification conditions for each transaction are agreed to by all parties concerned in advance in the so-called transaction outline, so that when the trade goes through, there is no chance of unwarranted discussion, or undue delay of payment. On the other hand, when the transaction does not satisfy the conditions set forth, the funds will be returned - effectively mitigating any risk of the transaction to near-zero. Of a very special nature in trade escrow is our WE2Shop: Buying and selling, trading, fully automatic and in complete safety. Pending predetermined quality- and authenticity- verifications, the money is held in an escrow account. As long as all points of attention have not been checked off, the money remains available.
The best guarantee against fraud for buyers; the ultimate compliance measure for sellers, entirely digital.

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