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The Core Of Escrow Services

Software escrow is WorldEscrow’s core business and the service that made us world leader in qualitative escrow solutions. Software Escrow guarantees the continuity of essential software by requesting its DNA – the source code and all related user and technical documentation – and safeguard it in the form of a deposit. Should the supplier prove to be incapable or unwilling to maintain the program, WE transfers the deposit to the beneficiary. That way, WorldEscrow limits the amount of resources and time lost in the change to an absolute minimum. In addition to the simple depositing, we offer a very extended verification service. This service entails that we check the usability and transferability of the deposit through a set of tests. Our software escrow service covers every form of application, be it off-the-shelf, software-as-a-service (SaaS), in the cloud, controlling machines or ordinary and more extravagant websites.

In combination with artificial intelligence (AI), data escrow through daily deposits and archiving is increasingly common, so that the acquired knowledge remains available even in the event of discontinuity of the application.

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