Graaf van Egmontstraat 9/101, 2800 Mechelen, Belgium

Safeguarding Trust, Securing Tomorrow

Certified custody of critical and legal documents Contracts, documents, plans, studies and research – in short all business-critical intellectual and legal material that accompanies evolving relationships, projects and companies - can be taken in custody in a safe, sustained and transferrable way, without any time-limitation. We formally confirm that a deposit is made, thus proving the availability of the materials without releasing any of its critical content. WE has the technology to archive the materials in an intelligent, manageable, structured and absolutely safe way without any limitation on volumes or data transfer. Prices are set on data-volumes or item-based, whatever is most suitable. We call this Archive-Escrow, as we strictly operate as the independent escrow-agent between all parties involved. You can count on us for a flexible, practical archiving and reporting without limitations.

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