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WorldEscrow's services are those of a trusted third party, focussed on Escrow Solutions and General Third Party Services.

Software Escrow

Software escrow is WorldEscrow’s core business and the service that made us world leader in qualitative escrow solutions. Software Escrow guarantees the continuity of essential software by requesting its DNA – the source code and all related user and technical documen...

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Data Escrow

While Data Escrow in the past could be seen as “a verified backup”, this is currently more than topical, and even absolutely necessary in the context of business continuity. With the generalization of artificial intelligence (AI), data escrow through daily deposits ha...

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Archive Escrow

Certified custody of critical and legal documents Contracts, documents, plans, studies and research – in short all business-critical intellectual and legal material that accompanies evolving relationships, projects and companies - can be taken in custody in a safe, sust...

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Industrial Escrow

An Industrial escrow agreement allows for the deposit of all sorts of blueprints, schematics, plans and technological details. These deposits are automatically time-stamped and can be transferred to the beneficiary or another supplier in case the supplier stops maintainin...

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Investor Escrow

This very specific form of escrow is an insurance on invested capital. In Investor escrow, WorldEscrow creates a deposit of the materials of the research or project that is being invested in. This deposit is comprised of any and all research materials, notes, development ...

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Trade Escrow & We2Shop

As a neutral trusted third party we hold the funds for any transaction in secured deposit until the trade transaction has been executed, secured, and verified. The specific verification conditions for each transaction are agreed to by all parties concerned in advance in t...

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As Independent Trusted Third Party and Escrow Firm we offer an easy-to-use, clear-cut and highly safeguarded business continuity assurance, guard critical technological DNA & IP and all core critical assets of your company/organization suchs as : software source code, comprehensive databases, passwords and licenses, industrial designs, formulas, ...

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